Can You Have Multiple Debit Cards for 1 Account? Yes! Here’s How

Manage, monitor, and save with the UAE’s first multi-card finance tool.

Everyone uses debit cards these days. 

Cash was king, but it’s been dethroned by a tidal wave of digital transactions that we carry out with a single tap or click. Card payments are now the chosen method of payment for 82% of the UAE, according to Mastercard.

The more we rely on our plastic (or digital) friends, the more we might ask ourselves: Can you have multiple debit cards for one account?

Until now, we’ve been used to using a single card for all of our bank account or ATM transactions. Yet this comes with certain restrictions, including:

  • Struggling to organise family spending with different members needing funds for different things
  • Feeling limited by having just one debit card for many different purposes, including budgeting, grocery shopping, and investing
  • Difficulty monitoring subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Having several cards spread out over multiple accounts and no centralised control over spending.

These are issues that need resolving. After all, you’re now using more cards for more things, be it paying bills, saving for holidays, or managing business expenses.

In just a couple of years, you’ll likely find yourself relying on multiple cards as the UAE edges towards a cashless society.

It begs the question: in a cashless society where a single debit or credit card won’t be enough, how can you have multiple debit cards for one account instead of creating a tangle of disorganised payments over several different accounts?

The answer is simple. 

MALY’s multi-card savings tool is designed to give you the advantages of a savings account, a digital wallet, a budgeting tool, and a debit card all rolled into one handy online banking app. 

Innovative, convenient, and secure, no wonder more UAE residents than ever are signing up to become multiple card pioneers.

Can you have two debit cards for the same account?

The simple answer is ‘Yes’. 

While still extremely rare (MALY is the first of its kind in the UAE), our multi-card solution has a VISA debit card for every need

In fact, why limit yourself to just two? You can order as many MALY cards as you like, whether virtual or physical.

Is there a point in having multiple debit cards? 

Having multiple debit cards works if you can manage them all in one place. This provides you with a wide range of benefits that make money management much easier. 

Instead of juggling your finances across different accounts, you can supervise all of your spending in one place and gain better control over your expenses.

Let’s say you’d like a main checking account to receive your salary and pay bills but another for travel and one more for online purchases. 

You may even want to hand a card to one of your children, linked to your account but with its own balance that you add personally.

Having a multi-card solution like MALY allows you to do this. You can transfer funds from one card to another, activate and deactivate each one whenever you wish, or set saving pots for holidays or big purchases

Yet, it’s easy to talk up the wonderful possibilities of a multi-card account, but how will this affect your everyday life?

Can you have multiple debit cards for one account? 6 examples of how you can use MALY’s multi-card savings tool 

From groceries to globetrotting, here’s a rundown of how MALY’s multiple cards will empower your personal finances.

Maly multi card

Be prepared for anything

With MALY’s multiple debit cards, you can be prepared for any eventuality. 

Organise and track your spending habits by designating a card for everyday expenses, long-term purchases, or a savings plan. 

You’ll be able to keep an eye on each pot’s account balance and instantly add or take away funds whenever you like. 

This financial clarity makes it easy to prepare for the unexpected and deal with emergencies. 

MALY puts you in complete command of your finances, providing a safety net for whatever life may throw your way.

1. Teach your family valuable spending habits

Sharing financial wisdom is one of a parent’s biggest responsibilities and granting independence is key to this. 

Assign a debit card in your child’s name and guide them toward the sensible financial habits that will set them up for adult life. They get all the tools of a checking account and learn about cash management, while you keep supervisory control.

MALY's personalised prepaid cards are a practical and educational tool designed to nurture financial literacy and prepare your loved ones for a secure financial future.

2. Split bills and groceries

Our multi-card solution gives you all the benefits of a joint bank account without the hassle of the paperwork and other limitations tied to traditional shared accounts.

Each family member gets their card and pot to spend. This makes splitting everyday expenses like groceries and bills a breeze as MALY works out each contribution for you.

3. Organise travel expenses

You deserve to splash out on that dream holiday without having to enter an overdraft or personal loan. Especially with today’s higher interest rates than ever.

Yet saving money is hard, especially in Dubai, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

MALY’s sensible savings means you can create a card just for vacations. Work out how much you need to cover your trip then set up our automated savings feature that deposits the necessary amount every week or month. 

Your vacation savings will grow without you realising it then, when the time comes, you’ll have a ready-made spending pot waiting for you. 

Once you’re away, you can also track spending on the go from the MALY mobile app so that you’re always in control.

4. Create a savings pot for big purchases

It’s not just holidays we need to save for, but other life-changing purchases, like buying a car.

With MALY’s automated savings, no spending target is out of reach thanks to the power of goal-oriented financial planning.

Watch your savings fund rise directly through the MALY app, where you can adjust your monthly contribution and stay in control of your saving goals.

5. Manage online subscriptions

Got a Netflix fee coming out of one account and a Disney+ payment coming out another? 

You’re not alone: UAE viewers have an average of 3.1 streaming subscriptions, the highest in the GCC. 

                                  Source: Oliver Wyman

Problem is, it can feel hard to keep track of all these if they’re strung over several accounts. 

Create a specific card just for managing online subscriptions with MALY and get a clear overview of your monthly spending. Staying on top of your entertainment outgoings has never been easier.

6. Motivate employees

If you run a small business then you’ll know how tough it can be to keep employees motivated and productive.

A MALY debit card is the ultimate perk for your staff. Load funds onto them as a gift or pay their wages ahead of time to say thank you for excellent performance.

Not only will you boost morale, but you’ll have your own incentive system up and running, a key driver in UAE employee satisfaction, according to The National.

Become a multi-card pioneer with MALY’s multi-card savings tool

Until now the question “can you have multiple debit cards for one account?” would typically lead to one answer: “No”. 

MALY’s new multi-card savings tool is changing this conversation. You now have the chance to have multiple VISA cards for you and your family, all linked to one current account. 

You don’t need to set up a bank account to do it, either. There’s no paperwork, no tedious checking procedures, and no appointments.

Just enter some simple contact info, then enter your secure SMS code to verify your identity.

In just seconds, you’ll have the latest in digital banking – and the power to transform your family’s finances – at your fingertips

Can you have multiple debit cards for one account? Frequently Asked Questions

Still got doubts about MALY’s multi-card spending tool? These FAQs will help you out.

How many cards can be linked to one account?

Unlimited! MALY’s multi-card savings tool means there’s no need for different accounts in different banks: you can manage all of your finances in one place.

That means a MALY debit card for every purpose you can think of, from groceries to going on that dream holiday to Australia.

Can I use MALY debit cards to make ATM withdrawals?

Yes you can. MALY debit cards are also ATM cards, which means they’re compatible with cash withdrawals.

Can I access my MALY funds abroad?

Yes. Whether in India or Canada, MALY account holders can access their MALY funds. 

Withdrawals into the local currency will be subject to the prevailing exchange rate at that time.

Are there any fees to be aware of with MALY debit card?

MALY charges no fees for almost all of its services, including international payments.

However, there are fees to cover the cost of replacing a card and certain cash withdrawals. You can find these on our fees page.

Are MALY cards licensed by a banking authority?

Maly adheres to the guidelines of the Retail Payment Services and Card Scheme (RPSCS) through Nymcard Payment Services LLC, a Central Bank of UAE-licensed entity and a key financial institution in the GCC region.

Rest assured, your funds are securely managed, and all transactions undergo rigorous encryption protocols to ensure the protection of your sensitive information.

Do I need a minimum balance to keep my MALY card open?

Your card won’t become inactive if there’s no money in there, but there is a minimum amount of 10AED for deposits.

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