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Create a better relationship with money and reach your goals faster with the
UAE’s first FinAI money management platform

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Maly’s FinAI Money Management Platform a smart personal finance ecosystem in your pocket

Round up daily purchases

Watch your money grow from automated round-up purchases with Maly’s Visa card.

Multi-card freedom

Create multiple Visa cards to better manage money using AI designs for stylish spending and budgeting.

AI Money Mentor

Reach your financial goals with a personalized, AI-powered finance coach.

MalyGPT - Ask anything!

Grow your financial knowledge every day by asking MalyGPT.

Automated round-ups
Reach your goals faster with Maly’s round-ups
If you saved 10 AED a day, what would that be?

Answer: 3,650 AED a year, enough to buy an iPhone 15. 

Maly’s Visa card automatically round ups your daily
Your financial toolkit
Customized Budgeting Cards
Maly’s Multi Card feature hands you full control over your money. Create a custom Visa card for any purpose and direct funds toward it. 

Planning a dream getaway? Create a dedicated "Vacation Fund" card. 

Daily essentials? Create a Visa card for effortless budget management.

Use our AI Theme Generator to create as many stylish virtual card designs as you want.Your money, your way.
AI financial assistant | Coming soon
Your smart financial training plan

Expert financial advisors often cost thousands. 

Maly’s AI-powered financial assistant helps you create a personalized wealth plan based on your data – for free.

  • Get personalized money tips based on your financial habits
  • Crush debt faster with a strategic debt payoff plan 
  • Craft a budget you can stick to for dream purchases.

Maly’s FinAI money management is intuitive, so the more you tell it, the more it can help you!

AI finance Money Management experiential assistant
MalyGPT: Your pocket Financial guru

You may not have time to learn complex financial concepts or explain them to others.

Let MalyGPT take over. Get an instant answer to any money-related question in the palm of your hand. 

Tap into the knowledge well and become financially savvy. 

Join the AI money management revolution
Become a FinAI Pioneer

Maly isn't just another financial app; it's a pioneer in smart financial guidance.

Partner with Maly and play a part in shaping the future of financial wellness.

Your money, your security
Peace of mind with Maly

At Maly, your safety is our top priority. Here’s why your money is in safe hands with us,
so you can relax and focus on achieving your financial goals


Secure Data Protection

Your data is safeguarded with robust security.


App Security

Download with confidence, we meet the strictest security standards.

With Maly, you can focus on what truly matters: achieving your financial dreams.
We take care of the security, so you can take control of your money management.

Maly FAQ: Your Questions Answered
What is Maly’s financial assistant and how can it help me?

Maly’s Financial Assistant is your personalized AI mentor within the Maly money management platform. It analyzes your spending habits and provides intelligent, actionable advice to reach your financial goals. 

Got a big vacation on the horizon? Maly will recommend the best budgeting feature for you. Looking for a bargain? MALY will direct you to the best deals on MALY Bazaar [coming soon].

The more you interact, the better it learns your needs and tailors its guidance.

 What is MalyGPT and how can it help me?

MalyGPT is a separate tool within Maly’s FinAI ecosystem. It’s a generative AI tool that speaks to you like a human to answer your financial questions. 

Ask MalyGPT anything money-related, from budgeting basics to complex financial concepts, and get an instant smart answer at your fingertips.

How can I use Maly's multi-card system?

Maly goes beyond a single Visa debit card. 

Design custom cards for different purposes, such as a "Vacation Fund" for your dream trip, a "Spending Card" with a pre-loaded amount for a family member, or a separate card for daily essentials. 

This flexibility empowers you to manage your finances precisely and keep your budgeting on track.

How does Maly help me manage and grow my money?

Maly's innovative round-up and auto funding features helps you afford the finer things in life by rounding up purchases to build toward the desired amount and make automated deposits to your Maly cards. The power of incremental round-ups means you’ll barely notice as your fund accumulates.

Is my money safe with Maly?

Security is paramount at Maly. Your funds are protected by Visa's security systems, backed by a reliable insurance scheme. Maly uses a robust security infrastructure and adheres to the strictest app store regulations to safeguard your personal information. 

You can focus on achieving your financial goals with complete peace of mind.