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Turn small daily savings
into big dreams

Automatically round-up small amounts from your daily purchases and watch your savings grow over time. Our savings app links directly to your bank account, so you can easily start new money habits and goals without changing your bank.

Built for your needs
savings from
daily purchases
Put your savings plan on autopilot with a savings app that allows you to automatically round-up small amounts from everyday purchases, depositing your savings into the secure MALY savings card, issued under your name by Visa.

You can set your round-up limit to the nearest 1, 5 or 10 dirhams. This can be modified anytime on your account page.
Always on top
Set a weekly
or monthly
savings plan
Use your MALY app to set up a weekly or monthly amount to automatically debit from your bank account into a separate Visa card built especially for savings.

If you pay your future self first, you won’t end up spending it! Then use your personalised app to track your savings as they grow.
Easily link to
your UAE bank
The MALY savings app allows you to
easily link to the top 18 banks in the UAE.
You can set your round-up limits for each bank card, and then track each amount
that is saved.

All saved amounts are stored in your free MALY Visa savings card, where you can
spend or keep your growing savings.

We’re serious about
securing your savings

International Authorization

Visa card issued under your name through their international card system

Data Security

Committed to personal data protection

Safe and Secure

Safely stored and secured through the UAE banking system

Get Started in Minutes


Download and sign up to the MALY Savings app


Easily link your bank account to the MALY app


Set a round-up limit, and start saving with each purchase!

Why Save With MALY?
Keep your bank

No need to change your current bank! Just keep spending as you normally would and watch your savings grow!

Free VISA card

We mail you a free VISA debit card once you sign up with MALY. Use it like you would any other debit card to spend your savings.

Set ambitious new goals

Set goals to save up for items that you dream about. You can create multiple goals and start saving for them!

Track your progress

Use the MALY app to visualise your goals month by month, tracking your progress to save up can create new savings habits.

Transform Spare Dirhams into Dreams

Download the app to start your
new savings habits and goals today

MALY Savings App FAQs
How much will using MALY cost me?

MALY is available for free for every resident of the UAE.

How does MALY work?

Any UAE resident can sign up to the MALY savings app and start using it by linking to their bank account. Once the account is linked and user Emirates ID is verified, MALY will issue a free VISA Card for you.

Which banks could I link to MALY?

MALY linked with all major banks in UAE.

Where is my money saved?

Your money is safely and securely stored in your MALY Card, issued by Mashreqbank PSC via NymCard Payment Services LLC pursuant to a licence from Visa. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa Inc. Nymcard Payment Services LLC is licensed by the Central Bank of UAE under the Retail Payment Services and Card Scheme (RPSCS) Regulation.

Is my money safe with MALY?

Yes, 100%. MALY is a company that is established and organised under the regulations of the Dubai International Financial Center. Linking your bank account is strictly regulated by the relevant authorities, and the MALY Card holding your money is issued by a regulated entity with a licence from Visa International under the applicable laws of UAE.

Will you have access to my bank account?

Linking your bank account to MALY helps us provide you with personalised and effortless saving experiences, but we will never share your information. Your privacy is our top priority.

Can I link more than one bank account?

Yes, you can link as many bank accounts and bank cards as you wish.

Can I have more than one card?

At the moment, each MALY user gets one personal card.

Is there a physical card?

Yes there is a physial card available.

Can I link a foreign bank account?

Only UAE banks are available to link at the moment.

Can I transfer the money from my MALY savings card to a bank account?

You can transfer money from your MALY card to another MALy card instantly and for free. Transfers to other bank accounts will be available in the future.

Can I link to a credit card?

Yes, from a selected number of major banks in the UAE.

Can I use my MALY card with Apple, Google or Samsung Pay?

Yes, with Google and Samsung Pay, and soon with Apple Pay.