Empower Your Finances With the UAE’s First
Multi-Card Tool

Manage, monitor, and save your way to a bright financial future

What you’ll get with Maly’s multiple visa cards option
Get multiple personalized Visa cards for you and your household
Dedicate your cards to special purposes, from groceries and holidays to online subscriptions
Become a multiple Visa card pioneer in the UAE
Empower your family’s finances, while retaining cardholder control through one account

Choose from virtual or physical card options
Set automated funding to encourage responsible habits
Be among the first
in the UAE

With Maly, you’ll be one of the first people in the UAE to have multiple Visa cards for you and your family, all linked to one account.

Empower your family’s finances without setting up a new bank account:

  • No paperwork
  • No lengthy procedures
  • No fuss

Just the latest in digital banking technology to simplify your family’s financial management.

Provide your
family with multiple personalized Visa cards

Sharing financial know-how is one of the most valuable lessons you can teach.

Put Maly cards in the names of your loved ones and give them all the tools of a checking account.

They’ll learn about money management, while you ensure their financial security.

Different cards for different needs

Maly means ‘My Money’ in Arabic, and you can use your Visa cards whichever way you want:

  • Use safely it during travel
  • Pay for groceries, shopping or school
  • Pay toward a holiday or special occasion

Your finance, done your way.

Give cards, keep control

A new Visa card is a fine tool, but you may want to keep a watchful eye over it.

With cardholder control, you’ll be able to set spending limits and transfer money (for free) between cards.

You can also view card balances, see where they’ve been spending, and even get alerts for all Visa card transactions.

Think of it as a current account with water wings: stay afloat while navigating the world of responsible spending!

Your Visa cards, your way

When we say multiple Visa cards, we actually mean unlimited.

Choose from virtual cards for online banking or physical ATM cards for store use and cash withdrawals.

Each one will have a separate PIN (if you want it to) and unique card details

However many cards you have, you can see all of them on your dashboard in the Maly app.

Get your Visa card in seconds

Remember the days of waiting for your new Visa card to arrive in the mail? Forget all that! Maly’s virtual cards appear in your account instantly. Just enter some simple info. Your card’s now ready for you to use it however you want.

  • All our cards are approved Visa cards
  • We are committed to protecting your personal data, which is secured through the UAE banking system
  • The Maly app meets strict Apple Store, Google Play, and AppGallery regulatory requirements