Our mission is to help
people build a healthier relationship with money

Maly is a next-generation financial wellness platform that empowers people in MENA to build better money habits.

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Our Story

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Why MALY was created?

Today, the MENA community is trying to overcome rising costs to build a more stable financial future. Maly wants to help by providing the tools needed to transform our customer’s financial wellness.

MENA residents want to save and invest. Yet rising economic pressures and limited access to financial education and tools mean that 60% of people in the UAE and KSA have zero in pensions or savings.

As a group of talented and experienced professionals from the financial, tech, and consumer business sectors, we can see the exact barriers blocking people from improving their financial wellness today.

We recognized the disconnect between the people wanting to build a stable long-term financial future and the resources needed to help them do so.

So we decided to do something about it. In 2023, we launched Maly to bridge this gap.

Our Mission
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Our mission is simple.

We want to make improving financial wellness as simple and accessible as possible for people in the MENA region.
To do this, we’ve created the pioneering Maly money management app and card as part of a financial wellness platform that links directly to the top UAE banks.

Maly means “My Money” in Arabic. So, we want to stay true to this principle by giving our customers full control over their financial well-being.

By using just one digital hub, people can now save and invest in their financial future using a variety of tools, including:
• Purchases from linked bank accounts
• Setting automated deposits
• Smart Spending with a free VISA card
• Making smarter goals
• Instant funding with AI-powered notifications

At Maly, we aim to empower the MENA community to take control of their finances and build long-term stability, no matter what challenges they face.

Financial Wellness (FinWell)
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How We Define Financial Wellness?

It’s easy to think of financial wellness as simply having a high income. Yet, viewing it like this leads to stress and anxiety about the future.

Besides, not all of us can earn lots of money.

At Maly, we believe financial wellness goes beyond your payslip. Instead, it involves having a healthy relationship with money and how you manage it.

It means clearly understanding your financial situation, setting and working toward achievable financial goals, and having a plan to manage risks and unexpected events.

Building great financial health comes from small steps, just like keeping fit.

Just as regular exercise and a balanced diet maintain your physical health, regular monitoring of your finances, positive saving habits, and sensible investing can help your fiscal fitness grow.

And just as an athlete may enlist the help of a personal trainer, a financial wellness platform can also act as that trainer, giving you the tools, guidance, and resources you need to achieve your financial goals.

What is FinWell to us
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Maly paints a full picture of the financial wellness spectrum, which we break down into five clearly defined areas that help people to evolve their financial health.

  • Saving & Keeping
  • Debt Management
  • Spending Management
  • Protection & Security
  • Investing & Growing

By addressing these five areas, Maly helps its users to achieve their current financial goals and plan for their future.

Through our dedicated platform and Maly app and card, we communicate our vision of financial wellness to help our customers achieve their financial goals and build long-term stability.

We want our users to have peace of mind knowing that their financial health is being taken care of, and to do this we’ve created a breakthrough solution that cuts out the hassle and expense of setting up a separate savings account.

The bank-linked Maly cards: the first of its kind in the MENA region.

MALY Visa card
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Why We Decided to Make a Bank-Linked Savings Card?

Maly’s bank-linked  card was inspired by an ambition to fill a huge gap in the MENA financial services sector.

Until now, people in the region have not been saving because they have lacked the tools to help them easily start new money habits without changing their current banking preferences.

We decided to create Maly’s bank-linked card to put a stop to this.

Our service integrates seamlessly with your existing account, saving you time and money. There are no hidden fees to worry about: in fact, our service is completely free for savers and investors. Plus, there are no minimum balance requirements or account restrictions, so you get complete control over your funds. They are yours, after all.

As a startup, we get that people will have security concerns. This is why we’ve gone the extra mile to comply with the rules and regulations of UAE and Dubai International Financial Center.

Maly connects with all major banks in the UAE and many others in the MENA region. Our service is compatible with Google and Samsung Pay, and we’re excited to announce that Apple Pay will be joining us soon.

With automated saving features and smart investment advice, we want to help you reach and maintain elite financial fitness.

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