Simplify your finances with an
AI-powered Personal Assistant

Save better and spend smarter with the UAE’s first-ever personalized AI financial management assistant – the Maly Money Mentor.

Maly Money Mentor

Grow wealth and manage debt
with your first FinAI assistant

Access personalized AI-driven insights derived from your financial habits

Automate funds management and bring financial goals within reach

overspending with smart suggestions

Tap into a
multi-debit-card system
for better financial control

Learn better spending habits with the help of MalyGPT

Tap into financial expertise 24/7

Maly's personal finance assistant analyzes your money habits to suggest smart real-time insights, including:

  • Tailored budgeting tips
  • Smart financial goals
  • Recommended debt repayment 

The more you tell it, the more Maly learns to help you. 

A personalized AI financial planner for you and your loved ones.

Auto-funding tool
Reach your
goals faster with
automated funding
Take the guesswork out of managing your money.
Our FinAI assistant analyzes your income data to provide tailored recommendations.

The auto-funding tool then transfers a small amount from
each purchase to a dedicated pot. The more you spend with Maly, the more you accumulate.
Multiple card tool
Master money with Maly's Multi-Cards
Create different cards for different purposes with Maly’s help.

Targeted Goals
Set up a card to fund a big purchase, and let Maly handle the automatic contributions.

Smart Gifting
Surprise loved ones by creating dedicated gift cards with our AI card generator. The Maly dashboard will give you full oversight of each card, so you always have the final say.
Virtual financial expert
Unlock financial insights with MalyGPT
Learning personal finance can be challenging, but MalyGPT is here to help. Stumped by stocks? Confused by calculations? Get instant responses to any money-related query and boost your financial knowledge with ease.
Spend smarter with real-time insights

Wondering where your money goes? Our AI assistant sheds light with real-time spending analyses. 
Pinpoint areas for improvement and optimize your budgeting with actionable steps.

Trust us to keep you
100% safe
All Visa cards are used widely in the financial services industry.
We are committed to protecting your data, which is secured through the UAE banking system used by other major financial institutions.
The Maly assistant meets strict Apple Store, Google Play, and AppGallery regulatory requirements.

Focus on your financial goals, and let Maly handle the security so your FinAI assistant can work its magic.