Save in Style With Maly's AI Theme Generator

Get creative and use AI to design any kind of virtual Visa card
you can think of – for free!

SaaS & App Webflow Template - Atlantic - Crafted by and
Personalize Your Finances with Maly’s AI Theme Generator

Create Multi personalized cards
to track and control spending


Perfect your budgeting and reach spending targets

Eliminate Risk

Eliminate risk: Your virtual card can’t be stolen or re-used.

SaaS & App Webflow Template - Atlantic - Crafted by and

your savings with automated round-ups


Empower family and staff with a fun way to manage spending


Simplify business expenses and bookkeeping.

Virtual AI Theme Designer
Unlock a sea
of creativty
Debit cards aren’t usually associated with fun—until now.
Create your personalized virtual Visa card with Maly’s AI
theme generator! Just enter any text you like and watch
the magic happen.
Unlimited Virtual Cards
Unlimited virtual
Visa cards

A busy life means messy bank statements, especially for families and businesses.

Create a virtual Visa card for every expense with Maly’s

AI Theme generator, and have fun in the process.

  • Create your own design
  • Split your spending
  • Get 100% control over your finances.
Simple Financial Planning
Stress-free budgeting
Our FinAI assistant recommends which cards to create so you can keep budgeting on track.

Imagine a "Travel Fund" card that motivates you to save for your next adventure.

Budgeting doesn't have to be a chore – make it fun and plan
like a pro.
Automatic Funds
Effortless goal reaching with Maly's Auto Funding

We all forget to set money aside sometimes, but Maly has you covered. Set up auto funding, and we'll automatically move a small amount from each purchase to your virtual card. Watch your funds grow effortlessly, without a second thought. Try Maly and see how easy reaching your financial goals can be!

100% Secure
Security that's built-in 
Maly Virtual Visa cards come with unique numbers, ensuring your main balance remains secure.
Leave your wallet at home and enjoy worry-free shopping.
Visa cards for family and staff
Make finance fun
for your family

Our virtual cards give kids the independence they crave while teaching them sensible money habits. 

  • Let them design their own cards
  • Teach saving with top-ups
  • Track purchases in real-time

Run a business? Your staff will love having their own card for salary and rewards. It’ll also help you simplify your payroll.

How to design your Maly virtual Visa Card in seconds 

Click on "Add Card"


Give your card a name "Paris Vacay"


Click on "Generate your own"


Type your prompt and be creative


Once your happy with your design
Click on "Get Card" and viola!

Generate virtual cards with 100% safety

Peace of mind, built In: We use approved Visa cards, the same trusted network powering major financial institutions.

Fort Knox for your data: We use the top-tier security of the UAE banking system, keeping your financial information under lock and key. 

App Store, Google Play approved: Maly's AI theme generator has passed the strictest app watchdogs. 

Focus on your financial goals, and let Maly handle your security.